Why Calgary?

Calgary International Airport provides a single hub location that specializes in a wide range of services including receiving, transferring, storing, and distributing air, rail, and highway cargo both domestically and internationally.

A Strategic Location

A Strategic Location
  • Calgary is on the crossroads of the CanMex Corridor (North-South) and the TransCanada Highway (East-West)
  • 50 million people can be reached within a day's drive
  • Calgary is located in Alberta, a province with Canada's leading business climate

Distribution & Logistics Hub

  • With onsite freight forwarding and brokerage, Calgary is the location of choice for over 4,000 logistics companies
  • Chosen distribution feeder hub for domestic and international integrators


  • DC space available
  • New facilities: YYC Global Aviation Park currently under development
  • McCall North, McCall South and Deerfoot South are three trade parks adjacent to the airport

A Great Airport

  • Calgary International Airport has no curfew and runs 24 hour operations
  • Calgary International Airport provides Canada's only main deck service direct to Asia and Europe
  • Connections to 100 destinations (passenger and cargo)
  • Three runways (ILS main runway 3,863 m/12,675 ft)
  • Today's runways ready for tomorrow's aircraft (e.g. A380)
  • The long term Airport Development Projects as well as mid-term Cargo and Logistics Plans provide vision and direction in air cargo development