Commercial Vehicles

Thank you for considering conducting business with us at Calgary International Airport. The objective of the Ground Transportation department is to work together with our partners and service providers to ensure that curbsides are clear and convenient for passenger drop-off and pick-up and that all transportation vehicles are available to passengers in a timely manner.

Licensed and permit operators will be assigned a designated area in one of our 26 bus bays. Bays are given at random on a first come, first served basis and are assigned to a vehicle according to the arrival of the flight their particular group is scheduled on. This is on the basis that the flight is on time. Vehicles are given bays when their flight is nearing its arrival time. If the flight is delayed, then the bus should be moved back to the bus staging area.

In order to be authorized to pick-up customers at the airport, all commercial vehicles must adhere to either of the following two options:

Option One: “Pay As You Go”

This method is more practical for companies that seldom have pick-ups at Calgary International Airport – thus, not licensed with The Calgary Airport Authority. Under this option, the commercial vehicle operator must pre-purchase a permit in the form of a six digit pin code from the Ground Transportation Office upon arrival.

Option Two: Licensed Operators

This option is more convenient and beneficial for companies that will be operating on a regular basis. Licensed operators will be required to purchase a transponder (gate opener) at a cost of $50 per transponder, which will allow the vehicles continuous access into our Bus Staging/Pick-up area. The company will be invoiced monthly on all trip activity and for the purpose of pick-ups.

We encourage companies to offer their services to customers of Calgary International Airport. If you or your company is interested in conducting business with The Calgary Airport Authority, please contact Kaleigh Maher, Manager, Ground Transportation.

For further information on operating a commercial vehicle or for rates please contact
Kaleigh Maher at