Airport Development Program

The over $2 billion Airport Development Program (ADP) is well underway.


YYC has more than doubled in size and passenger volume over the last 20 years and in 2013, the airport broke previous records, welcoming over 14.3 million passengers to become Canada's fastest growing airport. The ADP includes two major projects, the Runway Development Project and the International Facilities Project and will be the largest expansion the airport has ever undertaken. The program will provide much needed airport capacity, vital to our airport partners' growth and development, and will solidify YYC’s position as an important economic growth generator for the city, region, and province.

YYC is an important economic engine, generating over $6 billion in economic activity. YYC has the most extensive passenger service network in central Canada and is one of only three airports in Canada to offer passengers nonstop service to both Europe and Asia.

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Quarterly Updates

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