International Facilities Project


International Facilities Project

International Facilities Project (IFP) will be the single largest expansion The Calgary Airport Authority has undertaken. The new International Terminal will incorporate sustainable design principles, balancing the need to create additional space, reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. 

The IFP will: 

  • More than double the size of the existing terminal building. 
  • Add 22 new aircraft gates for international and 
  • Include co-generation power that will generate electricity and heat, saving 4,900 tonnes of CO2 each year.
  • Divert 75 per cent of construction waste from landfill (currently on track).


Images of the current construction progress of the IFP:

    Video of an interior tour of the IFP:

    Video of the exterior of the IFP:

    Facilities Features

    • Target completion - End of 2015
    • Space includes five levels and 183,500 m2 of space
    • Featuring new Canada and U.S. customs facilities
    • Equipped with 22 additional aircraft gates