Access Policy

Public Area Media Access Policy

Specific permission is not required from The Calgary Airport Authority for media personnel wishing to conduct interviews, film, or take photographs in public, non-restricted areas of the Terminal. It is important, however, that such activity does not impede airline queuing areas or people moving about in the higher traffic areas. Care should be taken to tape down any cables that may present a tripping or other hazard. A courtesy call to the Airport Duty Manager 403 735 1300 advising of location and story subject will be appreciated.

Should a specific public area be desired for interview or news B roll filming that involves the facilities or staff of a specific company, arrangements should be made directly with that company's representatives.

Restricted Area Media Access Policy

Access to any restricted area at Calgary International Airport is subject to Transport Canada Security Measures. In Canada, access to Departure Gate Concourses is for ticketed passengers only or staff, properly accredited and with a ‘need and right' to be in a Restricted Area. Filming or still photography of people or objects undergoing Pre-Board Security screening is not permitted.

Media access to restricted areas may be possible for specific pre-arranged events, such as inaugural flights or other media events. Media accreditation and escort arrangements for such pre-arranged events are generally made by the organization hosting the event.
If an airline, for example, were working with the media on a pre-arranged story concerning that airline, the airline's representatives would be responsible for Restricted Area accreditation and escort arrangements.

Restricted Areas at the airport are not limited to the Air Terminal Building. Access to restricted areas within the airfield perimeter fence is subject to Transport Canada security measures. Media requests for interview or photo access to the tarmac at the south end of the airfield, where corporate or general aviation activity takes place, should be made directly with the aircraft owner, operator, or contracted handling agency. Access to specific tenant corporate or airfield facilities are subject to their own corporate policies and Transport Canada Security Measures.