Airport Downtown Shuttle Service

The following shuttle options are available to travellers at the Calgary International Airport:

Hotel Courtesy Shuttles

Several airport hotels offer courtesy shuttle service. Customer pick up is on the Arrivals level at Bus Bays 16 and 17. Please call your hotel from one of the phones located at Bus Bays 16 and 17.

Visit Hotel Courtesy Shuttles for detail information.

Allied Downtown Shuttle Service
Tel: 403 299 9555

This exciting new service provides affordable, regularly scheduled on-demand transportation, in fully automated GPS-dispatched shuttle buses between designated pick-up points within the City of Calgary and Calgary International Airport.

Airport departures are every 30 minutes at Bus Bay 19. To purchase tickets, please visit the Allied Shuttle counter on the Arrivals level near Gate C between 8 a.m. and midnight. Alternatively, you can reserve and buy tickets online.

Downtown pick-ups are based on a scheduled on-demand system; however, the shuttle will only stop at pre-determined locations if there is a booking. Please review the schedule online. Bookings can be made either over the phone or online. It is recommended that you leave at least three hours prior to your airplane departure.