Calgary International Airport

Public Buses

Calgary Transit provides public bus transportation to and from Calgary International Airport via Route 300 Airport BRT (express service to Downtown Calgary), Route 100 with connections to McKnight-Westwinds Light Rail Transit Station and the Route 430 North Crosstown.

Below are key destinations for transit services to the Airport.

Route 300 BRT Airport/City Centre

  • Rapid, limited stop service to Downtown via Centre Street
  • Operates every 20 minutes during Weekday peak periods (4:40 a.m. - 10 a.m. and 3:20 p.m. - 7 p.m.) and every 30 minutes on Weekday afternoons, evenings (until Midnight) and on weekends
  •  Customers boarding at the airport must pay with either:
    • Calgary Transit Boarding Passes available at:
      • Mac's Convenience Stores in the airport terminal - Arrivals Level
      • Ticket Vending Machines located at Bus Bay 20 (debit/credit/coin payment accepted)
    • $8.50 cash on the bus (no change provided)
    • Monthly, Senior, Low Income or Day Passes
    • UPass
    • Transfers will not be accepted
  • For customers boarding at all other Route 300 stops - regular fares apply

View Schedule and Route 300 map (PDF)

Route 100 Airport/McKnight-Westwinds LRT Station

  • Connection to McKnight-Westwinds LRT Station (LRT Blue Line)
  • Adult/Youth single and day passes available 
  • Regular transit fares apply 

Route 430 North Crosstown

  • Connections to Northpointe and Standstone Bus Terminals
  • Adult/Youth single and day passes available 
  • Regular transit fares apply