Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does YYC take UnionPay?

Many stores at YYC Calgary International Airport are able to provide UnionPay payment options, and many others are in the process of adding this provider. Please contact any shops or services you are interested in shopping at directly to see if they accept UnionPay. ATMs with instructions in Chinese are also available throughout the terminal buildings. YYC also has currency exchange providers (Travelex) in both pre and post-security areas. 

2. Where can I find information on visiting Calgary and Banff?

There are trained staff at each InfoCentre to assist you with providing tourism information and brochures. There are four InfoCentres in the terminal – located at Domestic Arrivals, International Arrivals, Departures Hall D and Departures Hall E. Maps are available to assist with wayfinding.

3. How long does it take to get to Banff and/or downtown Calgary from YYC?

Downtown Calgary is a 30 minute drive from the airport.

Banff is a 90 minute drive from the airport.

Multiple transportation options are available on both Arrivals Levels, including taxis, sedans, and Calgary Transit buses for transport within the Calgary area. Some hotels offer shuttle bus service to and from the airport. The Banff Airporter and Brewster offer direct bus service to Banff from the airport. Red Arrow Motorcoach also offers daily scheduled service from the airport to Edmonton, Lethbridge and Red Deer. Car rentals are also available.

4. Where can I rent a car?

The car rental centre is located on the Departures Level, the floor above the Arrivals Level, across the road from the Domestic Terminal Building. 

5. When I arrive into Calgary, do I have to pick up my luggage if I am connecting to another flight?

YYC is the first airport in Canada to feature a Connections Centre. It facilitates passengers arriving from U.S. and international flights that are connecting to other U.S., international and Canadian destinations. Depending on your flight and airline, you may be permitted to proceed to your next flight without reclaiming your baggage or requiring further screening.

Please check with your airline for details.

6. I don’t speak English. Will there be travel or language assistance offered?

YYC offers a translation service which is free of charge. Simply visit one of the InfoCentres and you will be connected by phone with an interpreter who will translate your questions to one of our staff members and translate the answer in return. Alternatively, you may speak with one of our White Hat Volunteers (in red vests and cowboy hats) and Customer Care Ambassadors (in red blazers) 

7. Who are the friendly people in the white hats?

whiteHats636129407508994351 People in the white hats are volunteers who assist passengers throughout the terminal building. If you have a question, please approach them and they will assist you.

8. Who are the friendly people in the red blazers?

redBlazersPeople in the red blazers are our Customer Care Ambassadors. They will be available to help guide and answer questions on the new processes available inside the new terminal. They will also drive the YYC LINK passenger shuttle between all concourses, answer questions at our InfoCentres and help passengers arriving into Calgary or catching a connection flight.

9. How can I get a map of the terminal?

Maps are available here. Our Interactive Directory Boards located throughout the terminal will also assist you in wayfinding.

10. Who do I contact if I have lost an item at YYC?

Please contact the Lost & Found at the InfoCentre on the Arrivals Level (located by Door 7) or call (403) 735-1234.
For any items lost on an airplane, please contact your airline.

11. What can I do at YYC if I have a layover?

YYC offers shopping, dining and service options for travellers. More information can be found under our Shop, Dine, Explore and Stay section. For passengers travelling with children, we also have children’s play areas and SpacePort, an education facility focusing on space and aeronautics, offered free of charge. 

12. Is wireless internet access available at YYC?

Yes, WiFi is available throughout the terminal buildings free of charge.

13. Where can I smoke?

Smoking is only allowed outside the building. Designated smoking areas are available outside on both the Arrival and Departure Levels. Look for the signs.

14. What can I take through pre-flight security?

Please note that all liquids must be in bottles containing 100 millilitres or less, and in a clear plastic sealed bag. For a full list of restrictions, please refer to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) website here for more information. 

15. Are there any hotels that are close to the airport?

YYC has two onsite hotels, the Delta Calgary Airport In-Terminal Hotel and the Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel. In addition, there are several hotels located within a five to 10 minute drive from the airport.

16. What is the YYC LINK Passenger Shuttle?

It is an electric powered vehicle that allows passengers to quickly and comfortably connect between the International and Domestic terminals while remaining in the post-security area. It takes five minutes to travel from Concourse A to Concourse D/E, with four stations in between for passengers to embark/disembark from. Each shuttle seats 10 passengers, and are wheelchair accessible.