Calgary International Airport

Attractions Alberta Program

Calgary International Airport YYC is honoured to be in partnership with the Attraction Alberta Program. We encourage you to come in and experience the unique Attraction Alberta Displays throughout the Calgary International Airport. The Attraction Alberta Displays are visited by millions of passengers. Below are the Carousel Displays which are a part of the Attractions Alberta program located on the Arrivals level at the Calgary International Airport.

YYC Calgary International Airport Attraction Alberta Displays

Attraction Displays on Carousel Ten

Royal Tyrell Museum

Royal Tyrell Museum Statue

Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary

Calgary Military Museum

Calgary Military Museum Statue

Attraction Displays on Carousel Nine

Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo Statue

Attraction Displays on Carousel Eight (under construction)

Attraction Displays on Carousel Seven

Alberta Tourism

Alberta Parks Statue

Parks Canada

Parks Canada Display

Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows Display

Attraction Displays on Carousel Three

Heritage Park

Heritage Park Display

Ski Banff - Lake Louise

Ski Banff Display

Attraction Displays on Carousel Two

Calgary Exhibition & Stampede

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Display

Bow Habitat Station

Bow Habitat Display

Calgary Firefighters

Calgary Firefighters Display

Attraction Displays on Carousel One

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

sports hall of fame display

Blackfoot Crossing

Black Foot Crossing Display