Who's Who In The Zoo/Just Plane Fun

For Any Child (or Grown-up Child)

The name sounds like something from Dr. Seuss, and given the selection of things that fly, buzz, giggle, squish, hum, tick, squirm, bubble, crawl and glow at this toy store, a Dr. Seuss character would be a great fit.

Any child (or grown-up child) will be delighted with the selection of stuffed animals, puppets, wind-ups and battery-operated gizmos filling the shelves. 

Just Plane Fun is designed specifically for flight lovers. Although life-size planes cannot be found at Just Plane Fun, all sorts of airplane and spacecraft models are available.

Looking for plane paraphernalia and toys and glow-in-the-dark gadgets? Just Plane Fun has it all!  Plane lover or not, there are lots of nifty toys to browse and test out.

Who's Who In The Zoo Just Plane Fun