Utility Locate Permit

General Information


The Calgary Airport Authority has engaged the following companies to perform utility locates at the airport:

  • Tierra Geomatic Services Ltd. (all utility locates): (587) 987-0566
  • Fuji Pipelocators Ltd. (new East airfield locates only): (403) 277-3300
    or toll free: 1-866-614-3300
  • Alberta One-Call (ENMAX line locates): 1-800-242-3447
    or online: http://albertaonecall.com/submit-a-locate-request/

Company Information

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Sub-trade Information

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Location of Work

  1. Download site grid map here
  2. Mark the location of the worksite with an X on the first page
  3. Click on the appropriate map page corrosponding to the site location marked on the first page
  4. Mark the location of the worksite with an X on the appropraite map page
  5. Save the PDF
  6. Upload the modified PDF here:
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Aditional Information


Logistical Information

Requested Date of Locate:
2 business days notice required, 12 p.m. cutoff;
Permits are valid for 1 month
Requested Times of Locate: Tell us hours you will work each day
24 hour clock MUST be used
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