Calgary International Airport

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Vision & mandat

Our Vision

In support of our customers, our business partners and the entire Calgary community, we will operate and develop our airports in an efficient, innovative and sustainable manner.

  • Efficient - Lean organization; best practices; cost leadership
  • Innovative - Turning challenges into opportunities
  • Sustainable - Corporate social responsibility and leadership; prudent financial management

We will achieve this through great partnerships, responsible investing, operational efficiency, and of course, through the dedication of our employees, who exemplify the true meaning of western hospitality.

We will play a positive and significant role in the growth of Calgary and its trading regions.  As Alberta’s premier air passenger cargo gateway, we are already a major contributor to Calgary’s prosperity with a total GDP impact of $6 billion dollars.  With a major expansion plan in place, including a new runway and an international terminal, the airport is heading in an exciting and dynamic direction.

We will be an employer of choice and build upon our prestigious award winning status with greater innovation and ever progressive ideas.

We will add value to our community and give necessary attention to business and community initiatives, all of which will help us realize the potential of our locally operated airport and contribute to the fulfillment of our mandate.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to operate and develop the Calgary International and Springbank Airports in a safe, secure and efficient manner and to advance economic and community development for the general benefit of the public in our region.

Our Values

  • Customer Focused
  • Respectful
  • Accountable
  • Fair
  • Team Players
  • Safety Conscious