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Relations avec les médias & contacts

The Calgary Airport Authority is responsible, under long-term lease from the Government of Canada, for the operation, management and development of Calgary International Airport and Springbank Airport. As an airport operator in Canada, The Calgary Airport Authority is subject to the aviation regulations mandated and enforced by Transport Canada.

It should be understood that the many entities operating at the airport, although tenants of The Calgary Airport Authority, do not fall under the regulatory jurisdiction of The Calgary Airport Authority. Any media inquiries specific to other organizations or entities operating at the airport should be directed to the spokesperson for that particular organization.


The Calgary Airport Authority Media Contact

Jody Moseley 

Direct Line: 403 735 2197
Cell phone: 403 807 9143
Media Contact Line: 403 735 5899

Larry Stock, Springbank Airport General Manager 403 286 1494

The Springbank Airport General Manager will provide information on activities and events affecting the Springbank Airport