YYC's New Baggage Handling System

Friday, December 04, 2015 0 Videos

Have you ever wondered how your bag makes it all the way to your flight once you’ve checked in? Learn how our new baggage handling system does this seamlessly!

As we move toward the opening of our new International Terminal, we are putting a new baggage handling system in place to help transport your luggage to and from the terminal quickly and securely, in an energy efficient manner.

Serving more than 15.26 million passengers, and still growing, we are focused on ensuring that we continue to handle an increasingly greater volume of luggage, while managing higher loads during peak travel times, and expediting connecting luggage. 

We’re doing so through the installation of what is called a tote-and-tray system. Our new system, developed by Crisplant, will be the largest of its kind in North America, and when put into operation will provide a number of benefits.

1. Positive Tracking
In the new International Terminal, your luggage is tracked all the way through the system using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).  From the moment you check your luggage, all the way to the point where it’s collected and loaded on to your aircraft, your bag is being directed to its precise location.

2. Gentle Handling
The tote-based system cradles your luggage as it makes its way through the system, protecting it from wear and tear during this phase of transport.

3. Increased Transfer Capability
Another advantage to the new system ability to transfer luggage quickly and efficiently between connecting flights. A key part of our focus on making connections seamless for our passengers at Calgary International Airport. Once the connections process is activated, you will no longer have to collect and then re-check your luggage when transferring between domestic and international flights, streamlining the process and making shorter connection times possible.

4 Self-Service Bag Drop Kiosks 
The system is also optimized for use with self-service bag drop kiosks.  You have the option to check your luggage without having to visit a representative of your airline. 

Our video shows the system in action.


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