Climbing to New Heights in YYC's Kid Zones

Climbing to New Heights in YYC's Kid Zones

Thursday, November 3, 2016 0 Uncategorized

Flying internationally or to the U.S. with children? We have just what is needed to spark your child’s imagination and expend some pre-flight energy while travelling through the International Terminal at YYC Calgary International Airport. Our new Kid Zones have been specially designed to encourage interactive play and exploration.

The Kid Zones, which feature a variety of themes and destinations that are Calgary-centric, are carved entirely by hand by Playtime LLC out of Denver, Colorado. Each play area features custom carpet covered foam floors. The soft-sculptured foam makes it easy for children of all ages to play and explore, and the areas also have integrated seating for adults to relax comfortably while watching their child.

The Kid Zones each represent a different theme from Calgary and Alberta, including:

  • A dinosaur theme on Arrivals Level
  • An aviation theme and a Calgary Stampede theme in the International Departures Hall
  • An aviation theme and an Alberta wildlife theme in the U.S. Departures Hall

As part of the Kid Zone program, the Domestic Terminal play areas also received a facelift. This includes a downtown Calgary theme on Arrivals Level and an aviation-themed Kid Zone on the Departures Level that incorporates part of the previously existing jungle gym.

Next time you have some time to spare at YYC, make sure you and your kids land at one of our Kid Zones for an experience to remember.

Alberta Wildlife Theme – U.S. Departures Hall

Aviation Theme - U.S. Departures Hall

Aviation Theme – International Departures Hall

Calgary Stampede Theme – International Departures Hall

Dinosaur Theme – Arrivals Level

Downtown Calgary Theme Domestic Terminal Arrivals Level

Aviation Theme – Domestic Terminal Departures Level


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