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Milestone Update on the New International Terminal

Milestone Update on the New International Terminal

Friday, December 16, 2016 0 Milestones, Uncategorized

On October 31, 2016, YYC Calgary International Airport opened its new state-of-the-art International Terminal to the world. The project, which adds two million square feet to the terminal building, was a project that was years in the making and the milestone of opening brings the Airport Development Program – YYC’s largest expansion which included a new runway – to a close. By the end of 2016, the facility will have both welcomed and wished bon-voyage to over 4,000 flights, linking passengers to many destinations around the world.

With the International Terminal building successfully opened and operating smoothly, construction teams are now hard at work in the Domestic Terminal building. The majority of the work there includes adding the same state-of-the-art Crisbag tote baggage system in the domestic facility as is installed in the International Terminal. When complete, this project will enhance the handling of all baggage in the domestic terminal. Teams will also be working on the installation of more self-serve check-in kiosks, self-bag drop units, baggage carousels and more. Recent milestones include:

  • Construction and demolition activities for the new baggage handling system in the domestic terminal began after the opening of the International Terminal.
  • The equipment for the temporary bag lines arrived on-site in October, and temporary bag line installation is now underway.

As we tie a ribbon on 2016, thank you for letting YYC be your guide to the International Terminal since our construction teams broke ground over five years ago. This edition marks the final issue of our quarterly updates, and during this time, we’ve provided many milestones including concrete pouring, beams being mounted, granite flooring being laid, sustainable features being installed, computer systems getting up and running, and finally, aircraft gates opening their doors to passengers. There have been many other milestones in between, and we hope you enjoyed being part of the journey of bringing this facility to life.

Updated information on all activities taking place at YYC Calgary International Airport will continue to be provided on our website at yyc.com. Keep your eyes on Waypoints as that will still be your resource for all development activity going on at YYC.

YYC wishes you a happy and safe holiday season!


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