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Changes to airline check-ins that summer travellers should know

Changes to airline check-ins that summer travellers should know

Monday, July 16, 2018 0 Baggage

The airport is in a constant state of motion: aircraft, people, bags; and our construction activity is no exception. As part of our commitment to elevating the guest experience at YYC, there's a number of changes happening in the Domestic Terminal. While you may notice the changes front of house, there are some really cool changes happening behind the scene as well as we work to add in a baggage system that will seamlessly connect to the new International Terminal's system. But while we complete this work, we have to move your airline check-in locations.

Air Canada and Other Airline Domestic Check-ins on the move

It seems like just yesterday we moved Air Canada's domestic check-in locations to a temporary spot (near doors 5-7) to accommodate the construction of our baggage handling system. Now we're getting ready to move them back to their original location — which will feature more self-serve options to get you on your way faster. The check-in area will be located adjacent to Doors 9-11.

Central Mountain Air also had a check-in makeover and is located in its new spot at Door 8.

In addition to Air Canada's and Central Mountain Air's moves, the following airlines will relocate to the new check-in at Door 8 on August 1:

  • Flair Airlines
  • Air North
  • Air Transat
  • Summit Air

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WestJet Domestic Check-in location on the move

We know our guests (especially WestJet's frequent fliers!) are familiar with the domestic check-in locations for our airlines, but some pretty big changes to WestJet's space are coming soon. Starting on August 14, WestJet is moving from its current home at doors 1-3 to a temporary check-in area, located near doors 5-7.

So whether you're getting dropped off, parking in one of many lot options or connecting through YYC, make sure you know where to go before you fly.

View the map here.

Photo of a tote in the baggage handling system

Did you know?

  • Air Canada's new check-in area is equipped with 20 self-serve check-in kiosks and six self bag drops; allowing you to get on your way faster.
  • The baggage system can process 8,000 bags per hour — nearly doubling the capacity of YYC's previous system!
  • The system can process 99 per cent of bags in less than 20 minutes.
  • The system is more efficient than a traditional baggage conveyor system, consuming 60 per cent less energy.
  • Length of Bag System is 7.2 km; that's the distance from the airport to CrossIron Mills.
  • Amount of structural steel totals 1.27M kg; weighing as much as 850 Hippos!
  • There are 11,100 linear feet of LED lights; that's approximately same length as our runway 17R-35L.
  • The system has more than 1500 totes; which could accommodate six 767 aircraft at once!

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