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YYC Mobile Noise Monitoring Program: We're Listening

Thursday, July 18, 2019 0 Noise Management Page

YYC Mobile Noise Monitoring Program: We're Listening

YYC Calgary International Airport is sending out a mobile noise monitoring van to communities in and around Calgary.

The van is equipped with a temporary noise monitoring terminal, which will measure aircraft noise for approximately 4 weeks in each of the following communities:

Signal Hill: July 2019

Strathcona Park: August 2019

Chestermere/Rainbow Falls: September 2019

Airdrie/King’s Heights: October 2019

The Mobile Noise Monitoring Program was developed in consultation with the Airport Community Consultative Committee as a way of providing noise monitoring services to communities not currently covered by the airport’s permanent noise monitoring network.

Community members will be able to view live aircraft noise data on YYC Airport’s PublicVue Flight Tracking System while the noise monitor is set up in their community.

A map showing the locations of the airport’s permanent noise monitoring terminals can be viewed HERE.


Photo of noise monitoring van