A community-based committee that enables dialogue and information exchanges between stakeholders.

The Airport Community Consultative Committee (ACCC) is a community-based group that meets quarterly (or as often as needed) and is comprised of representatives of a number of stakeholder groups, including: 

  • Community Associations; 
  • Airlines; 
  • Municipal Government – the City of Calgary, City of Airdrie, Rocky View County and the City of Chestermere; 
  • Federal Government – Transport Canada
  • NAV CANADA; and 
  • The Calgary Airport Authority 

The primary objective of the ACCC is to provide a forum that enables dialogue and information exchanges between airport operators, community representatives, and airport users. This community-based approach ensures that stakeholders are at the table to discuss current and future aircraft operations, keeping at the forefront any concerns from the surrounding communities.


ACCC Presentations

The ACCC Meetings are about bringing forth knowledge, data from studies, reviewing options when possible and keeping the community informed of any industry changes from a technical perspective.

January 2015 ACCC Meeting

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 0 ACCC Presentations