YYC’s Pedestrian Passageway is Sure to Leave an Impression

YYC’s Pedestrian Passageway is Sure to Leave an Impression

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 1 Milestones

YYC’s ‘Capture Alberta Through Your Lens’ photo contest generated hundreds of submissions from local photographers, who seized the opportunity to have their photographs of beautiful Albertan scenery, displayed in the new International Terminal’s Pedestrian Passageway; the below-grade link connecting the terminal to the International P2 parkade.

The contest concluded on October 13 with an exclusive tour for the artists to catch a behind the scenes glimpse of the new facility. At their final stop — the Pedestrian Passageway — the photographers were the first of few to view to view their contribution to YYC’s most ambitious and largest expansion to date.

As a special surprise, the group was greeted by five White Hat Volunteers, who inducted them with White Hat Ceremonies, making them “Honorary Calgarians.”

The photographs in the bright and spacious passageway showcase panoramic views of the downtown skyline, breathtaking landscapes and majestic mountainous terrain that Calgary and surrounding areas have to offer — shown from the creative perspective of seven talented winners. Here’s what a couple of them had to say about the experience:

The photos are unbelievable! Combined with the White Hat Ceremony, it was an experience I will never forget,” said Chris Gibbs. The new terminal will surely place Calgary further on the map in the tourism and business world for many years to come.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Kent Toth stated, “The new terminal is amazing and the artwork throughout is top notch. It’s humbling to even be part of it.”  

We are extremely proud of the Pedestrian Passageway and are excited to show the community, and our guests, all that our beautiful province has to offer. Next time you are travelling through YYC, be sure go see it for yourself. In the meantime, check out the gallery below. 


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11/11/2016 3:23 PM

What an excellent display of amazing photos! These truly show just how fortunate we are to call Calgary and Alberta home!

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