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Reflecting universal best practices with gender neutral washrooms

Reflecting universal best practices with gender neutral washrooms

Thursday, June 21, 2018 0 Uncategorized

At YYC we want to ensure our guests have a remarkable experience throughout their travels and in order to better meet the needs of a diverse population we are now provide welcoming, accessible and inclusive washrooms facilities for all of our guests. As of June 20, YYC has re-signed all single occupancy, lockable washrooms to reflect universal best practices and promote an inclusive airport environment where everyone feels comfortable and safe to travel through.

“Everyone regardless of gender identity needs a washroom and all gender washrooms and inclusive signage are an important part of making YYC a safe place for passengers to travel through. I am excited to see the airport move in a direction that supports the entire community,” said Bernie Humphries, VP, Operations.

There are approximately 40 single occupancy washrooms currently with varying labels including; accessible, family, men or women. These have new signs that focus on function rather than gender, using symbols that are commonly understood to prevent any communication barriers with our guests. Multi-stall washrooms will not be re-signed and will remain gender-specific.


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