Calgary International Airport Becomes Canada’s Green Airport

March 08, 2007   |  
Calgary, March 8, 2007, 3:00 p.m.

The Calgary International Airport today became the first airport in Canada to be recognized for its environmental best practices by BOMA Canada. In receiving this Go Green® Certification, the operations team of the Calgary Airport Authority, displayed its leadership in the realm of the indoor environment.

This is a significant achievement for a facility which processes millions of passengers annually at one of the country’s major airports. In being awarded this national recognition, the airport authority’s operations staff was required to demonstrate its performance against a national industry environmental standard to an independent verifier. To be certified Go Green® a building must demonstrate that it meets or exceeds all of the best practices standards in all of the key areas. Among the key criteria considered are:

♦ Resource Consumption, including electricity, gas, and water
♦ Waste reduction and recycling, in particular construction waste reduction
♦ Building materials, specifically hazardous materials, materials selection, and ozone depleting substances
♦ Indoor Environment, indoor air quality (IAQ) and HVAC maintenance
♦ Tenant communication program
BOMA Go Green® is a national program developed by BOMA Canada. Go Green® is a voluntary program designed for existing or occupied buildings. The purpose of Go Green® is to demonstrate to all building owners how to build an environmental management system, and to recognize those owners who have successfully implemented these programs in the operation of their properties.


More information:

Bill Partridge
BOMA Calgary

Bryce Paton
Calgary Airport Authority