Dismantling of Former YYC Air Traffic Control Tower Begins

July 31, 2014   |  

The former Air Traffic Control Tower that served YYC well for more than 26 years is being dismantled starting today. The process will begin using a state-of-the-art robot, which will be lifted to the top of the tower cab, and working from the inside out will take the tower down slowly.


The tower, which officially opened in 1988, was the previous home to Nav Canada operations at YYC. It stands 44.85 metres (147.1 feet) high and supported a 414 square-foot cab where thousands of successful aircraft arrivals and departures to YYC were managed until the new control tower went into service in May 2013. The land, which boasts some of the best available airside access space at YYC, will be redeveloped.

The dismantling of the tower began today and is scheduled for completion on October 31.


Please note: Access to the roads near and around the former control tower is restricted to business related traffic only. There is no public access to this area.