Calgary International Airport (YYC) Gets Ready to Renumber its Facilities

August 29, 2014   |  

Concourse names and gate numbers will be different, but operations will continue as they always have when Calgary International Airport (YYC) is renumbered on September 18, 2014. The renumbering involves changing over 800 signs in and around the YYC facility, in preparation for the completion of the new International Terminal expansion, which will add two new concourses to YYC.

The only visible change will be to the signs in and around the terminal that direct travellers, which will reflect the new concourse names, aircraft gate and baggage carousel numbers. Airlines and concessions at YYC will not be moving, and will continue to operate from the same locations they have enjoyed for many years.

Airport maps, reflecting the changes to the Terminal building will be updated on, September 18. However, for a sneak peek at the facility renumbering, please see the draft map included below. Volunteers and staff will be on hand and ready to help answer questions for passengers when the transition occurs.

The Calgary Airport Authority is a not-for-profit organization incorporated under the Regional Airports Authorities Act of Alberta. The Calgary Airport Authority is responsible for the management, operation and development of Calgary International (YYC) and Springbank (YBW) Airports. YYC is an important economic engine for the city, region and province, generating over $6 billion per annum in economic activity.