New Luggage Carts Landing at YYC

November 04, 2014   |  

Calgary International Airport (YYC) is replacing its blue luggage carts with new red carts beginning this week. But these carts are not only being upgraded with YYC’s signature red, they will now be better than ever as they are equipped with brakes. The carts are being brought in as part of YYC’s preparation for the international concourse, which will open in 2016. The new facility will have ramps throughout the building and the brakes will be an added safety feature and convenience for the millions of travellers that fly through YYC each year. Best of all though – the carts are still free for our passengers to use and will continue to be available throughout the terminal building! We hope you enjoy the new - and complimentary - carts during your next visit to YYC!

Photo of White Hat Volunteers with new luggage carts at YYC

Photo of new luggage carts at YYC