Canadian Airports Safety Week

August 24, 2015   |  

The health and safety of our airport employees is very important to us. This week we're kicking off the first-ever Canadian Airports Safety Week, along with 23 other airports across the country. Canadian Airports Safety Week is an airport-led initiative to promote healthy and safe work practices among airport employees. Each day this week we will focus on specific safety areas, ranging from hazard reporting through to airside vehicle operations.

Our Team YYC airport community will be participating in the following daily topics:

  • Monday, August 24 – Hazard Reporting
  • Tuesday August 25 - Worker Safety
  • Wednesday, August 26 – Security
  • Thursday, August 27 – Airside Vehicle Operations
  • Friday, August 28 – Foreign Object Debris
  • Saturday, August 29 – Construction Safety & Security
  • Sunday, August 30 – Environment
The Calgary Airport Authority and its many airport partners are pleased to be a part of a national initiative that is focused on the safety and security of all visitors and employees at Canada’s third busiest airport, YYC.