Innovative New Charging Station at Calgary International Airport Unveiled

October 30, 2015   |  


 Innovative New Charging Station at Calgary International Airport Unveiled

The Calgary Airport Authority unveiled a unique new passenger amenity today at Calgary International Airport (YYC), a WeWatt electronics charging station, with the help of Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of the Belgians, Representative of His Majesty the King.

This three-seated stationary bike, developed in Belgium, allows users to charge up their devices by generating power through pedaling, and the installation at YYC is the first in a Canadian airport.

Having invested heavily in charging stations throughout the airport two years ago in order to improve the passenger experience for Calgary’s more than 15.26 million passengers, the Airport Authority is delighted to add the new charging station that will allow passengers and visitors at the airport to stretch their legs while charging their devices.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the passenger experience here at YYC,” said Garth Atkinson, President and CEO for The Calgary Airport Authority. “Whether we are investing in comfortable seating, charging stations, or new shops and services, the airport is always bringing our passengers a great variety of amenities to enjoy.”

The product can currently be found in Brussels Airport, Amsterdam (Schiphol) and a number of railway stations throughout Belgium and France. The WeWatt bike converts human pedal power into electricity, so users can fit in some exercise while they work. It is also made from recyclable materials keeping sustainability top of mind, aligning well with the Authority’s continued focus on ensuring the airport reduces its environmental footprint wherever possible. 

"We are pleased to see a WeWatt kiosk here at Calgary’s airport. Passengers from over the world will have the opportunity to enjoy and engage with the bike as they generate their own healthy energy to charge their devices and stay fit,” said Patricia Ceysens, creator of the WeWatt product.


The Calgary Airport Authority is a not-for-profit organization incorporated under the Regional Airports Authorities Act of Alberta. The Calgary Airport Authority is responsible for the management, operation and development of Calgary International (YYC) and Springbank (YBW) Airports. YYC is an important economic engine for the city, region and province, generating over $8 billion per annum in economic activity.

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