The Calgary Airport Authority Responds to the 2017 Federal Budget

March 22, 2017   |  
(Calgary, AB) – The Calgary Airport Authority applauds the Government of Canada’s decision today to protect Canadians from the risks associated with selling off Canada’s airports to private business interests. By not including a sell-off in today’s budget, and leaving airports to operate under the current not-for-profit model, the federal government has acted in the best interests of Canadians.

The federal government has been exploring options around a potential sale of Canada’s major airports, contemplating turning them into for-profit enterprises run by private investors. The Calgary Airport Authority, along with Vancouver and Ottawa airport authorities, has been active in an effort to educate Canadians and other stakeholders about the risks of an airport sell-off.

Such airport sell-offs have been undertaken in the U.K., Australia and other countries and the results have not always provided the returns that government has anticipated, and have often resulted in higher costs for travellers and aviation partners.

“I’m very pleased today’s budget does not include selling strategic assets like Canada’s major airports to for-profit entities, but we will keep the discussion alive with the government to ensure the best interests of passengers and communities are protected,” said Bob Sartor, President and CEO of The Calgary Airport Authority. “Our airport model is a success story that has seen the development of some of the most leading-edge facilities in the world. I am pleased to see the government acknowledge and support Canadian airports that, under the current model, are truly focused on partners, travellers and the communities we serve.”

“Airports are a very important part of a community. They are a place where business thrives and cargo transits, as well as a place travellers start new journeys or return home with stories of recent adventures,” said Mel Belich, Chair of The Calgary Airport Authority Board of Directors. “Keeping our airports community-focused and not-for-profit means greater benefit for our communities through continual reinvestment in an airport that drives business and community success and supports exploration of the world.”