YYC Calgary International Airport Announces Partnership with Paul Brandt's #NotInMyCity in Fight Against Sex Trafficking

June 20, 2018   |  

The Calgary Airport Authority to drive additional awareness and training to protect City’s most vulnerable


CALGARY (June 20, 2018) – The Calgary Airport Authority is pleased to announce its full support of #NotInMyCity, an ongoing initiative geared toward raising awareness and collective action to end human trafficking across Canada. The movement, which launched in 2017, is championed by humanitarian and Canadian country music superstar, Paul Brandt, and has united stakeholders throughout Calgary and the country in the fight to protect some of its most vulnerable citizens. YYC will be a key partner in this initiative as they create additional awareness and education amongst guests, volunteers and​ staff on how to identify possible human trafficking victims, as well as taking a visible stance to show that human trafficking is not acceptable at the airport, within Calgary, or anywhere in Canada.


Over the past 15 months, #NotInMyCity has gained significant momentum in bringing key partners together to engage, commit and collectively build an action plan to prevent and end human trafficking, with a focus on child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. The commitment from YYC will include action to run public awareness campaigns, promote #NotInMyCity branding and messaging throughout the airport, continue to train staff and volunteers and ultimately be part of the fight against sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. This partnership marks a major step in continuing to mobilize influential organizations to speak up and be part of the #NotInMyCity movement.


“With more than 46,000 guests coming through our airport daily, it is important for them all to know and recognize YYC as a safe space. With the significant police and security presence at our airport, we want to ensure that everyone knows who to go to if they suspect sexual exploitation or sex trafficking,” said Bob Sartor, President and CEO, the Calgary Airport Authority. “The presence of the yellow rose and other #NotInMyCity messaging is our way of letting our guests, volunteers and staff know that we will not allow this to take place in our city.”


Stakeholders including representatives from various Ministries within the Provincial government, City officials, First Nations, representatives from the sectors of Police, Justice, Children’s Services, Health and Education, and not for profit community agencies, have also committed themselves to finding integrated solutions around this important cause. The #NotInMyCity leadership team will continue to work with these partners to gather support from influencers and institutions across the country, encouraging the pooling of resources, expertise and perspective as they identify and mobilize a strategic direction to bring about transformational and sustainable change at the grassroots, practice, policy and legislative levels.


“At this moment in time, there are more people enslaved through human trafficking than there have been in human history. It is up to us to take a stand and work together to put an end to the exploitation of our most vulnerable citizens,” says Paul Brandt, a former Alberta Children’s Hospital Registered Nurse, and a nationally recognized humanitarian and philanthropist. “We are proud to have the Calgary International Airport as a strong #NotInMyCity Ally as we work together to put an end to sexual exploitation and sex trafficking in our city and in Canada.”


The #NotInMyCity movement has become known for the iconic yellow rose emblem that now represents the cause, created by renowned Canadian designer, Paul Hardy. The beautiful floral logo made its first appearance last year in the awareness scarf and bandana collection designed by Hardy that were used to help raise funds for the campaign. Since then, it has appeared in the #NotInMyCity merchandise line which includes a fresh take on the awareness scarf and bandana for 2018, custom S’well water bottles and locally curated pins and leather arm bands designed by Kat Marks – available for supporters to use in showcasing their support and raising further awareness for #NotInMyCity.


“Roses typically symbolize hope, new beginnings and promise. But there’s an interesting opposing tension with these flowers, because they possess thorns, which commonly represent loss, pain and thoughtlessness,” says Hardy of his design. “We decided to use this bloom to show both sides of the issue – the flower and the thorn – to be brought forward in awareness, conversation and action.”


For more information about #NotInMyCity, or to support this important cause, please visit their website




About #NotInMyCity

#NotInMyCity is an initiative championed by humanitarian and country music star, Paul Brandt, geared toward raising awareness and collective action on Human Trafficking in Calgary, Alberta and moving across Canada with a focus on Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking. Since 2017, #NotInMyCity has been working with community partners to bring awareness and collective action to this issue. The movement continues to unite key stakeholders locally, provincially and nationally to engage, commit and collectively build an action plan to prevent and end sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.



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