96th Avenue Tunnel Option Preserved Following New Runway

March 08, 2010   |  
For Immediate Release – March 8, 2010  

(Calgary, AB.)  The City of Calgary and the Calgary Airport Authority have agreed on a plan to ensure future road capacity options are preserved following the construction of a new runway.  The plan involves preserving the land access points and planning framework for the potential development of a future east extension of 96th Ave NE through a tunnel under the 4th runway at Calgary International Airport, as well as upgrades to the existing road network adjacent to the Calgary International Airport.
The Calgary Airport Authority supported the City’s efforts to obtain funding from the provincial and federal governments. With the realization that funding will not be available at this time, both parties have agreed to revisit the possibility of adding the 96th Avenue extension, and associated tunnel under the 4th Runway, at a future date.
Barlow Trail between 48th Avenue NE and Airport Road will be permanently closed on April 3, 2011. The City of Calgary is confident that with the completion of Stoney Trail and with numerous planned upgrades to the northeast road network, including the completion of Metis Trail, the road network will fully accommodate all current and future traffic requirements.
To support the City and the community, the Calgary Airport Authority has undertaken to complete a new road connection between 36th Street NE and 48th Avenue NE.  This work, which is scheduled to be undertaken in 2010 at an estimated value of $ 10.5 million, will provide a new alternative road connection between McKnight Blvd. and Country Hills Blvd.
The Authority will continue on-schedule with the Airport Development Project (ADP), comprised of the new International Concourse and the 4th Runway. Preliminary construction works for the ADP are already underway and major excavation and grading will commence in January 2011. The ADP will provide 10.5 million hours of employment and is vital to the continued economic prosperity of Calgary.

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