Introducing Mexicana Mix, A New Style Of Flying!

July 22, 2009   |  
  • Mexicana Mix is a concept that brings together the vision of BACARDI and Mexicana’s innovative in-flight services.
  • Junior Merino, a Mexican mixologist of international acclaim, has created four cocktails that will make every flight a flavorsome experience.
  • This alliance confirms Mexicana’s and BACARDI’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer service.

Mexico City , July 1, 2009. Mexicana and BACARDI have announced Mexicana Mix, Este es el nuevo estilo de volar, a concept that combines vision, style and unparalleled in-flight services guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning of passengers.

With the backing of BACARDI, Mexicana will be serving four cocktails created by Mexican mixologist Junior Merino on board its flights. Known as “The Liquid Chef”, Merino has used his creativity and experience to mix rum, tequila, vodka and whisky with other ingredients to make each flight a flavorsome experience.

“Mexicana recently made over its image to reflect the accessibility and flexibility of a company geared toward customer service. Mexicana Mix is evidence of this constant drive to innovate, where attention is paid to every detail, creating a unique travel experience that sets the benchmark in the commercial aviation industry,” said Mexicana Senior Vice President Customer Service and Corporate Communications Adolfo Crespo.

“BACARDI shares our commitment to offering consumers quality products and services. We congratulate ourselves on this alliance, which will undoubtedly be of benefit to all our passengers, who can now enjoy four original, flavorsome cocktails made from quality ingredients on board our flights, said Crespo after thanking Merino, a molecular cocktail wizard, for his contribution to the  Este es el nuevo estilo de volar concept.

According to BACARDI Sales Vice-president Alfredo Ponce, “BACARDI has always backed new, innovative projects and visionary ideas and concepts. This is why we decided to join forces with Mexicana, so we can offer our consumers unique experiences, while urging them to consume our products in moderation.”

This new service will be available as of July 1 st in MexicanaElite and coach class, on flights lasting more than 4 hours and 25 minutes. As a testament to Junior Merino’s creativity, the cocktails he has created are made from a variety of spirits and mixers currently available on board our flights.

The cocktails we will be serving have one of four core BACARDI brands as their main ingredient. A new cocktail will be introduced every two months as of July 2009 and every three months as of January 1 st, 2010:

  • Flying High

July and August

BACARDI Superior rum is the main ingredient of this cocktail, which is mixed with orange juice, lime soda, tonic water and natural syrup.
  • Sweet Turbulence

September and October

An explosive combination of Cazadores tequila, lime soda, grenadine, lime and orange juice.
  • Black wing

November and December

Eristoff vodka, lime juice, lime soda and cola-flavored soda.

  • Smooth Landing

January, February and March 2010

A smooth mix of Dewar’s whiskey, lime juice, orange juice and grenadine.

Through this alliance, Mexicana and BACARDI reiterate their commitment to offering consumers innovative products and quality services.