Public and Stakeholder Accountability 

The members of our Board of Directors and our Executive Team share a commitment to public and stakeholder accountability, which they demonstrate in ongoing engagement with the community including:

  • A public Annual General Meeting;
  • A published Annual Report, including audited financial statements;
  • An independent review of management operations and financial performance every five years, including a published report;
  • Individual annual meetings with all Appointer organizations which are attended by the Board of Directors, senior management and external auditors;
  • Compliance with the Canada Lease;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • A Business Development Advisory Council;
  • Meetings with key stakeholders;
  • Public notice of fee changes;
  • A community consultative committee;
  • An accessibility advisory council;
  • Meetings with airport operators and tenants; and
  • Meetings with civic officials and community organizations.