New International Terminal 

New International Terminal

Calgary International Airport (YYC) is Alberta’s aviation hub of choice for both air passenger and cargo service. In 2015, a record 15.48 million passengers passed through YYC, continuing more than two decades of growth in passenger volumes at the airport. The Calgary Airport Authority has expanded infrastructure at YYC to meet growing demand, most recently undertaking an over $2 billion Airport Development Program (ADP) that includes the new 14,000 foot parallel runway (17L/35R) which opened in 2014, and the new International Terminal, which opened on October 31, 2016.

The Airport Development Program includes two major projects:

  1. Runway Development Project (RDP) 
    At 14,000 ft. long and 200 ft. wide, YYC's newest runway is the longest in Canada and incorporates many leading-edge technologies. The runway has been fully operational since June 28, 2014. 
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  2. New International Terminal
    As one of the best-served airports in Canada, YYC links local and transiting passengers to world-class business, culture and leisure destinations. The new International Terminal features innovative systems to further enhance the way U.S. and International passengers connect to the rest of the world. 

New International Terminal Facts

  • The new International Terminal adds approximately two million square feet, which is equivalent to 34 football fields.
  • There are 24 new aircraft gates for International and U.S. destinations.
  • There is a new state-of-the-art baggage handling system that provides positive bag tracking and can process 4,000 bags per hour.
  • Two post-security central locations (U.S. and International) with more than 50 new shops and services.
  • Passengers can relax in two common-use lounges.
  • A new Connections Corridor has been constructed, which links the new terminal and the existing terminal.
  • A key element of the Connections Corridor is the YYC LINK passenger shuttle, a custom designed, Canadian-built passenger transit system. The electric-powered, 10-passenger vehicles run on a scheduled service transporting passengers between the concourses.
  • The new terminal incorporates many self-serve options, including twenty self-bag drop units and kiosks to move passengers quickly through the check-in process.
  • The International Terminal is a green building:
    • 581 geothermal wells
    • 660 km of in-floor radiant heating tubing
    • Co-generation will save approximately 26,000 tonnes of CO 2 a year
    • 800,000 litres of rainwater can be captured/re-used

YYC's Expansion Program

YYC’s new Connections Corridor and YYC LINK passenger shuttle.
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Runway Development Project
YYC’s fourth runway, which is the longest runway in Canada.
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about YYC'S Development Program


  • The total amount of concrete used to build the new terminal would fill 8,585 truckloads.
  • The total quantity of granite flooring installed is equivalent to the square footage of 177 average residential homes.
  • The total length of radiant tubing installed in the terminal is equivalent to the driving distance from Calgary to Cold Lake, AB (600 km)
  • Over 11.4 million hours were worked by construction crews leading up to opening day.

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