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The Calgary Airport Authority and its many partners have developed an airport familiarization program - YYC Navigators - for individuals who would benefit from becoming familiar with airport processes and procedures from curb to gate, prior to their actual flight.

We are happy to announce that the next YYC Navigators Program has been scheduled for Saturday, October 26, 2019. We would like to invite all interested families (who have not yet participated in a previous program) to submit their application before Monday, October 14, 2019.

YYC Navigators was initially launched in 2015 to meet the needs of families who are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Since then, the program has evolved to include anyone who would benefit from familiarizing themselves with air travel processes in advance of an actual flight. We are happy to report that over 160 families have benefitted from this program!

As airport processes are unfamiliar for many, and some families are unsure if they can travel due to a variety of challenges, many choose to not travel by air. By giving families the opportunity to become more familiar with airport processes, flying can be a more pleasant and viable option. 

Read the program FAQs here.


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