Communications and Consultation

Communications and consultation activities will be critical components of the Parallel Runway Project. A variety of opportunities to participate in the Comprehensive Study of the Parallel Runway Project will be available to stakeholders and the public. For example, a Participant Funding Program has been established for individuals and not-for-profit organizations interested in participating in the Comprehensive Study. All interests, issues, and concerns raised will be recorded and addressed.

Upcoming Public Events

The next public meetings to review the Comprehensive Study are scheduled for Fall 2010, please check back for details. For more information.


Runway Development Program
c/o Calgary Airport Authority
2000 Airport Road NE
Calgary, AB T2E 6W5 403 717 2220

Past Materials

Public Consultation Meetings - Draft Project Description and Scoping Document

Public Consultation Meetings for the Environmental Assessment (Comprehensive Study) of the Parallel Runway Project were held on April 30, May 2, and May 4, 2009. The meetings were held to solicit input on the draft Project Description and Scoping Document. The panel boards displayed and presentation given during these meetings are provided below.

View Project Description and Scoping Document.

Airport Noise Consultative Committee (ACNCC) Meetings

The Calgary Airport Authority's existing Airport Community Noise Consultative Committee (ACNCC) is being used to facilitate the discussion and consideration of noise issues in the Comprehensive Study. Presentations given at past ACNCC meetings are provided below.