Hotworks Permit BBQ

General Information

2 business days notice required, 12 p.m. cutoff  
Brief Description of Event:  
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Worksite Location

  1. Download site grid map here
  2. Mark the location of the worksite with an X on the first page
  3. Click on the appropriate map page corrosponding to the site location marked on the first page
  4. Mark the location of the worksite with an X on the appropraite map page
  5. Save the PDF
  6. Upload the modified PDF here:

BBQ Safety CheckList

Non-compliance with the safety conditions of this BBQ HWP will result in immediate shutdown. A copy of the HWP must be produced to Authority staff upon request.


Every person in charge of the operation of the BBQ must have, and be familiar with the operation of, a portable 20lb A-B-C rated fire extinguisher on site to control any small fires. This extinguisher must have been checked in the last twelve months by a recognized company and have an inspection tag attached to it.