Connecting at YYC


The Connections Centre facilitates passengers arriving from U.S. and international flights that are connecting to other U.S., international and Canadian destinations. Depending on your flight and airline, you may be permitted to proceed to your next flight without reclaiming your baggage or further screening. Please check with your airline for details, as certain restrictions apply.

YYC's friendly Customer Care Ambassadors are on-duty in the Connections Centre to greet and assist passengers with the process.

*Passengers may be required to present their previous boarding pass for connecting flights.



Connections center

Connections Corridor

An integral part of the support provided to connecting passengers at YYC is the Connections Corridor. The Connections Corridor links the secure areas of the terminals and allows passengers to seamlessly connect between the domestic and international terminals.

The Connections Corridor offers three transportation modes: moving walkways, pedestrian walkway and the YYC LINK passenger shuttle.

YYC Connections Corridor