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Airport Noise Concern Hotline: (403) 735-1408

The Calgary Airport Authority has developed a Noise Management Program to minimize the impact of aircraft noise on the surrounding communities, while successfully balancing the requirements for safe and efficient 24 hour airport services.

The Calgary Airport Authority Noise Management Program includes several initiatives designed to proactively manage the impact of aircraft noise. They are as follows:

The Noise Concern Hotline is the principal conduit for community members to voice concerns and pose questions about aircraft activity. The Hotline is accessible 24 hours a day and callers are prompted to leave details of their concerns. After concern investigation, all calls are returned. All calls are logged and information collected throughout the year is used to facilitate a better understanding of airport noise related issues.

Aircraft Flight Tracking Environmental Management System (AFTEMS) is used to investigate noise calls made to the Noise Concern Hotline. The radar flight tracking system assists the Authority in determining if aircrafts are conforming to required Noise Abatement Procedures (NAP).

Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMT). Noise is evaluated through a network of NMT, which are permanently installed beneath flight paths. NMT monitor the sound levels associated with community noise and can be used to correlate noise events associated with aircraft operations. NMT are a useful tool in tracking and monitoring community noise levels over time.

The Airport Community Noise Consultative Committee (ACNCC). Considered the most important and effective part of our Noise Management Program, the ACNCC is a committee comprised of a variety of stakeholders, including communities, regulators, air traffic management, and airlines, dedicated to addressing noise issues through a consultative and collaborative process.

The Airport Vicinity Protection Area (AVPA) is comprehensive legislation that is unique to Alberta. The AVPA facilitates appropriate land use by restricting residential development close to the airport, protecting communities from airport operations.

Noise Abatement Procedures (NAP) are a set of prcedures for jet aircraft to operate when arriving and departing from the airport. These procedures include :

  • Preferential runway use
  • Noise Abatement Departure Procedure (NADP)
  • Altitude restrictions on approach

Further information on the Authority noise management initiatives:

Noise Abatement Procedures (NAP)