The Calgary International Airport offers the following convenient parking options:

Short -Term

Intended for quick passenger pick-up and drop-off, short-term parking is located on the ground level of each parking structure. The first 30 minutes are free! Maximum duration of stay in short term (P1 and P2) is 30 days. Payment for Short Term in P2 by Credit Card only at Exit Station. No Cash or Debit transactions permitted in this parking area. 

Long - Term (Parkade 1 and Parkade 2)

Access to Parkade 2 (P2) is via the "Through Road" at the entrance to Parkade 1 (P1). Hourly, daily or weekly parking is available in each parkade on levels P2, P4, P5, P6 and P7. Maximum parking duration is 60 days. A reduced weekly rate is available in the Long Term parking areas.


Designed to accommodate overheight vehicles, the overheight area is conveniently located adjacent to the P1 parkade entrance and is accessible to the terminal by a designated walkway. Overheight parking is available for hourly, daily or weekly parking and offers reduced weekly rates. 

Economy Lot

Located north of Airport Road, the Economy Lot is easily accessible. The Economy Lot offers low weekly and daily rates for long- term stays of up to a maximum of 60 days. With just a short walk away from the terminal building and complimentary luggage carts, the Economy lot is a great option for long-term parking. Payment for Economy Lot by Credit Card only. No Cash or Debit transactions permitted in this parking area.

Accessible Parking

Several stalls are available in short-term parking. They are located in the Parkade adjacent to the north and south elevators on levels P2 and P4 and in the Overheight parking area. Accessible parking is available on all levels of P2.

Airport Park and Shuttle

Park & Jet operates a park and shuttle service between its on-airport facility and the main terminal building. For location information on the Park & Jet facility, please refer to the Parking Map page. For all other inquiries, please visit the Park & Jet website at

Parking Tips

Travellers are encouraged to allow additional time to park during peak periods, which include Wednesdays, Thursdays, holidays and over long weekends. To check parking availability, please call the Parkade Hot Line at 403 250 7275 (PARK). Parking Reservations are not offered at this time.

Shuttle service to and from all surface parking lots and parkades is not offered at this time.

Before you fly, remember not to leave any valuables in your vehicle.

Parking Map

YYC Parking Map Info

*For more information, including short term and daily rates please visit the Rates, Payment and Height Restrictions page