Airport Reservation Office (ARO)

YYC Runway Slots

Image of west runway 35 L and air traffic control tower in background

Effective Oct. 30, 2023, The Calgary Airport Authority will be implementing a Runway Slot system for all General and Business Aviation.  All users of YYC’s runways will require a pre-approved arrival and departure slot prior to operation.

The new program, called Airport Reservation Office (ARO), will manage all GA/BA slot requests for arrivals and departures and will use the same system that is already in place in other airports, including CYVR and CYUL, to book runway slots (Online Coordination System (OCS)). 

Please have your company contact the program vendor PDC: to have them add CYYC to your account.

If you do not currently operate at CYUL or CYVR, or you are a new user of OCS, please complete the Online Coordination (OCS) Application Form [link] as soon as possible to avoid delay in obtaining access to the reservation system. All completed forms must be emailed to The Airport requires a list of aircraft registrations emailed to

Alternatively, you may be able to engage your FBO to assist with your bookings if you are an infrequent user of YYC.

Requests for reservations will be accepted beginning 72 hours prior of the proposed time of the operation. YYC-based GA/BA Tenant Carriers may book up to 30 days prior to departure or arrival.

Reservations can be obtained by logging to and must include:

  • Date and hour (UTC or Local) of proposed operation
  • Aircraft identifier and flight number or aircraft tail number used for ATC communication
  • Aircraft type designator (ICAO approved)
  • Origin/destination airport

If the requested reservation time is not available, OCS will offer the closest time before and after the requested time. Once a reservation is completed, OCS will produce a reservation number.  Changes and cancellations should be made via the OCS online tool to amend the reservation accordingly.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide is available to support users through this process – FAQ - Slot Reservations at YYC: A Guide [PDF] .

ARO Exemptions:

  • Active (live) MEDEVAC flights
  • Flights engaged in military, customs, or police services operations.
  • Flights with Head of State Status
  • Helicopters
  • Aircraft diversions due to mechanical or medical emergencies

Runway slot reservations are mandatory for all flights operated as general aviation operations at YYC. All aircraft will be monitored for compliance. Questions can be forwarded to

How far in advance can airlines schedule their slots?

YYC based operators can book up to 30 days in advance. Transient airlines can book 72 hours prior to requested arrival or departure.

What is YYC’s OTP grace period?

Performance will be measured by +/- 60 minutes (subject to change).

What is the difference between “out & back” vs “departure & arrival”?

Out and back is a turn, so aircraft leaving YYC and then returning to YYC (does not have to be the same day). Turnaround is an In and out (more transient aircraft).

Departure and Arrival are single segments – not necessarily linked, i.e., departure may not have an arrival flight linked and an arrival may not have a departure flight linked.

Is aircraft registration a required field?

Yes.  If you choose the “show required fields only” option, it will just display what is mandatory.

Is aircraft capacity of number of passengers travelling required in the “number of seats” field?

The number of seats field is the aircraft configuration (i.e., capacity).

Can FBOs book for tenants?


What is the timeframe for YYC's soft launch?

The soft launch is taking place from Oct. 30 – Dec. 31, 2023.

Full compliance is expected by March 1, 2024.