The operations and infrastructure team's focus at The Calgary Airport Authority, is to build, operate and maintain airport facilities and land, in the pursuit to run safe, secure and efficient airports that promote economic and community development. 

The infrastructure team oversees the systematic development of airport facilities at both YYC Calgary International Airport and Springbank (YBW), to serve the needs of all airport users, both present and into the future. Airlines, tenants, passengers, cargo and those coming to our airports for work, require safe, functional and affordable airport infrastructure to meet their needs and a successful operation. 

Through YYC’s capital program, tenant improvement initiatives and as supported by the Authority’s Spatial Data Services, the infrastructure team ensures that airport development projects deliver suitable and required infrastructure towards organizational effectiveness and growth.


The infrastructure office is the main point of contact for all capital and tenant construction and improvement projects. We are responsible for the management, execution, stakeholder engagement and compliance on all YYC projects. 

The Infrastructure team is comprised of four main areas of responsibility and focus: 

  • Engineering: The Engineering team is responsible for in-house and groundside design departments. We oversee all engineering requirements within the airfield and airport property while influencing and driving capital initiatives and required budgets. 
  • Project ManagementOversee all civil and terminal construction projects within the airport boundary.
  • Spatial Data ServicesThe Spatial Data Services (SDS) team oversees, updates, maintains, creates and archives all spatial data records in the form of AutoCADD, ESRI GIS, and specialized spatial graphics.   We act as the foundation to project success and is the one source of truth for facility record data and the visualization of data.  
  • Tenant Development Services