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A special event is defined as any event which is outside of regular airport operations for the requesting company that occurs post-security. Approval to host a special event is required from the Calgary Airport Authority Security Department (The Authority). If the Requestor is unsure if their event qualifies as a special event, it is better to submit an application and have the Security Department advise on the best course of action.

Special Event Approval must be requested a minimum of thirty (30) business days prior to event.



Spill Report Form

Crane Assessment

Transport Canada Assessment

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Submit forms or direct general questions to

NOTE: Due to recent changes to the Canadian Aviation Regulations and Standards associated with marking and lighting of obstacles the obstacle assessments form has changed. Appendix C of Standard 621 contains the new form for all future obstacle assessments. The Aeronautical assessment form for obstruction marking and lighting replaces the previously used Aeronautical Obstruction Clearance Form (AOCF). The old form can no longer be accepted due to the regulatory changes. 

NAV Canada Land Use

NAV Canada Land Use Submission Form

Information Technology

IT Service Request Form (TSR)

Lift Requests

A lift must be properly signed out with YYC Stores personnel through a new online reservation process.

Please advise Stores personnel and receive approval during sign-out if the lift cannot be returned during Stores hours of operations:

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

If a lift is unexpectantly required to be signed out or returned after-hours, please contact the Integrated Operations Centre (IOC).

  • Use of a lift without following the proper procedures i.e. does not return it to the proper location or causes damage and doesn’t report it immediately, future ability to reserve and operate YYC lifts will be assessed by Stores.
  • Abuse of the process or lift could result in financial penalties to the user and/or user’s employer.


Building Services Shutdown, Locates and Excavation Permit Forms


General permit inquiries and submissions can also be directed to:

Curbside Parking Permit Application

Curbside Parking Permit Application (Online)