Pass Office

Pass Office 


The Calgary Airport Authority Pass Control Office is located on the third floor of the Domestic Terminal Building. Hours of business are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  

Book online

All appointments for the Pass Office should be booked ahead through our online system. Walk in appointments are no longer being offered. If you’re more than five minutes late for your appointment, you may need to rebook. 

Please make an appointment through our online system. The Pass Office is accepting appointments for the following:

  • New RAIC applications
  • RAIC Renewals
  • Re-issue of RAIC/Passes due to lost/stolen
  • Access Control/Key Requests
  • NEW – Parking will now be applied to your RAIC/Temporary Passes at the Pass Control Office

Please note: All forms are now required to be filled out electronically – handwritten and incomplete forms will not be accepted. Be sure to follow any instructions that accompany an application.


Issuing day-use visitor passes has moved to Non-Passenger Screening B where the security guard will issue them. See "Visitor Pass" section below for forms and more information. 

When you arrive for an appointment

Please wait outside the office or on the mezzanine and a Pass Control Officer will call you when it's time for your appointment. Please adhere to all social distancing standards. 

Do not come to the Pass Control office if... 

If you are exhibiting or experiencing any illness or symptoms of COVID-19, DO NOT attend your appointment and contact to reschedule. 


If you need to reach the Pass Office, please email or call 403-735-1320 during business hours. Call wait times may vary due to volume.



Forms & Applications

Transport Security Clearance

Any person who will require access to aircraft or a restricted area at the airport must complete this application process and attain a valid transportation security clearance. All required forms must be filled out electronically and completed prior to arrival at the Pass Control Office. 

Instructions for Completing an Application for Transportation Security Clearance

Instructions for Completing Out-of-Country Documentation

Application for Transport Canada Transportation Security Clearance

Preclearance Area at Airports - FAQ's

RAIC or ID Badge

The Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC) is required by any employee who will be working post-security within the restricted area at the airport.
Temporary passes or ID badges are issued to personnel that are waiting for their security clearance approval from Transport Canada. These passes allow personnel to access the areas they require for employment but have restrictions due to pending security clearance.

Conditions of Issue for RAIC & Temp Passes

Application for RAIC or ID Badge  

Canada Pass

A Canada Pass is required by individuals who frequently visit multiple airports on a regular basis in performance of their employment duties.

Criteria and Terms of Issue for Canada Pass

Application For Canada Pass  

Canadian Airport Security Awareness Program (CASAP)

In order to obtain or renew a RAIC, Temporary Pass or ID Badge the applicant must complete CASAP training and provide proof* with the application that it has been completed.

*Please note, you will no longer receive a certificate upon completion but will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email is to be printed off and provided with the application form as proof of completion. Please ensure that you have entered your legal name and valid email address when starting the course.  

CASAP Training

Security Policy - This policy describes the responsibilities of the Airport Community as it pertains to Security.

Non Punitive Policy - This policy explains that reporting a security issue does not result in any punitive action.

Keys and Access

An approved releasing authority may request keys and access levels required for employment duties.

Application for Keys and Access  

Visitor Passes

Visitor Passes are temporary passes issued to individuals that have a legitimate need or right to access restricted/sterile areas of the airport due to their employment. These passes are escort required, must be signed out by a valid RAIC holder and signed off by the issuing authority.

NEW: Issuing day-use visitor passes has moved to Non-Passenger Screening B where the security guard will issue them.

Instructions and Information Regarding Visitor Passes

Conditions for Holding Visitor Passes

Conditions for Holding Construction Visitor Passes

Duties and Responsibilities of Visitor Sponsor and Escorts

Application to Hold Visitor Passes

Lost or Stolen Passes, Badges or Keys

Any person who has lost or had any of the following items stolen is required to fill out this report and submit it to the Pass Office. The items include: RAIC, Temp Badge, ID Badge or keys.

Form to Report Lost/Stolen Passes, Badges or Keys

Locksmith Services

When locksmith services are required, please follow the process outlined in this document for placing a request.

Locksmith Service Request Form