YYC in the Community

YYC Calgary International Airport is a strong supporter of the city and surrounding region. We are proud to build up our communities in engaging, sustainable ways.

Noise Management Program

Addressing aircraft noise

We’re committed to engaging with local residents and industry stakeholders to address noise concerns.

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Data & Publications

Understand the work we do

Find aircraft data, special studies and summaries of operations.

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Airport Community Consultative Committee

Engaging our community stakeholders

YYC is more than an airport – it’s a whole community. We consult with stakeholders and have conversations on a variety of topics.

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Flight tracking system

Follow a flight along in real-time with the PublicVueTM flight tracking system

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Environment & Sustainability

Sustainability at YYC

True sustainability is a dedicated effort, built into everyday operations. We’re proud to lead our airport community in environmental management and awareness through multiple programs.

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Supporting our communities

YYC beyond the airport

We embrace our role as an active partner in community development and support several community organizations and initiatives to help our city and region thrive.

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Our story

About The Calgary Airport Authority

We’re proud to serve millions of people each year, creating effortless and memorable experiences that reflect Calgary’s legendary hospitality.

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