YYC Calgary International Airport is committed to becoming a barrier-free, inclusive airport for people of all ages and abilities. That’s why we offer a wide range of new services for guests including:
  • Digital screens at check-in, gate and baggage that display important announcements for guests with hearing impairments.
  • An accessible website—if you’re using an accessibility reader, simply hover over images and links to get what you need.
  • An accessibility request form so requests can be made for on-site assistance, including getting from vehicle to check-in.

  • We have an established accessibility committee to meet and discuss opportunities for airport improvement that includes members from:
    • The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association
    • Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) Foundation
    • Calgary Alternative Employment Services
    • Autism Calgary
    • Society for Treatment of Autism
    • Barrier Free by Design
    • RK Access
    • City of Calgary, Access & Disability Issues
    • Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta (CPA)

The Calgary Airport Authority (YYC) is subject to the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations and the provisions of these regulations that apply to it, and the services that it offers to persons with disabilities and any conditions that apply to those services.

Under the act, our obligations are to the following sections:

Accessible Support Request Form

YYC's curb to check-in: Departures

We offer mobility or guidance assistance from vehicle drop-off on Departures Level to your airline check-in or special assistance counter. Note: Please submit your request 48 hours or more in advance of your departure date.

InfoCentre to pick-up: Arrivals

We offer help to your vehicle pick-up location on the Arrivals curb.

Dedicated accessible drop-off zones are located between Doors 1 and 17 on the Departures Level. Closest access from accessible drop-off zones to check-in special assistance areas are:

Domestic International and U.S.
  • WestJet - doors 1-4 
  • Flair - doors 6-7
  • Air Canada - doors 8-10
  • Air Transat - doors 16-17
  • WestJet Door 15
  • Air Canada Door 15
  • KLM Door 15
  • American Airlines 15
  • United Airlines 15
  • Delta Airlines15

For service between check-in and gate or upon arrival, please contact your airline. We encourage you to book with us 48 hours in advance.



We're available to help from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.
Call (403) 735 1234

Require video relay service?

Canada VRS is free to use.

Before coming to YYC


Airlines provide accessibility service from check-in to aircraft for departures and from aircraft to baggage claim for arrivals.

We recommend you inform your airline, tour operator or travel agent of your requirement(s) at the time of booking and if you intend to take your own mobility device (such as wheelchair or scooter). Try to give as much notice as possible so they can assist you.

Contact your airline upon booking for more information. 

Accessible Transportation

Many of the taxi operators at Calgary International Airport offer accessible vehicles and accept the Access Calgary Extra Card. Please contact one of the taxi companies operating from YYC for more information.

Rental Cars and Hotel Shuttles

  • Rental car companies and hotel shuttles provide their own means of accessibility. To ensure availability of accessible modes of transportation, contact your ground transportation provider directly for more information. 


Animal Relief Areas

Animal relief areas are provided on the arrivals level outside of the main terminal as well as in post-security areas. All domestic, international and U.S.-destined travellers have access to post-security pet relief areas. 

Pre-security (outdoor):

  • Adjacent to Door 1 on the Arrivals level
  • Across the roadway from Door 9 on the Arrivals level
  • Adjacent to Door 17 on the Arrivals level


  • Concourse B: Located post-security, adjacent to Gate B34 in the Domestic Terminal Building
  • Concourse D: Located across from Chili's. 
  • Concourse E: Located near the foodcourt, adjacent to the Aspire lounge entrance.

Accessible curbside drop-off and pick-up zones

There are several accessible curbside zones with line painting, signage and curb ramps along departures and arrivals curb. Signage located at each accessible curbside zone also indicates contact information to request assistance to or from the curb. To request assistance, contact (403) 735-1234 or email

On the departures level, there are accessible curbside zones for drop-off across from Doors 5, 12, 15, and 16. On the arrivals curb, there are accessible curbside zones for pick-up across from Doors 4, 6, 9 and 16.

Baggage Assistance Service

Assistance with your baggage can be requested through our Accessible Support Request Form or by calling our InfoCentre at 403-735-1234.

Elevators and Escalators

Elevators are located near public stairways and escalators. All elevators contain Braille inscriptions, tactile signage and large doors. Furthermore, all elevators have lowered control panels for accessibility.


All building entrances are wide rolling doors. Vestibules have Pedimats for reducing tracked in dirt and rails have white cane bars. 

Floors and Walls

The Airport is composed of bright, hard floor surfaces with almost no carpet. Floor stanchions with seven feet wide aisles are used for guidance around the airport.

Food and Beverage

Food courts and restaurants are equipped with accessible tables, wheelchair parking and accessible aisles.

Ground Surface

The airport has rolling access everywhere, including raised crosswalks and curb cuts.

Hearing Loops

All of our InfoCentres are now equipped with hearing loop technology to help those guests with hearing accessibility needs.  Hearing Loop technology was donated to The Calgary Airport Authority by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association.

Navigation App

Aira is a service that connects individuals who are blind or partially sighted to trained agents who video conference in through the Aira app to help the user navigate the environment.

Download the App. For questions, concerns or comments, contact Aira on their website or through their toll-free line at 1-800-835-1934. 


In P1: Several stalls are available in short term parking. In long term parking accessible stalls are available on levels 2 and 4. They are located in parkade adjacent to the north and south elevators. Accessible stalls are available in the Overheight parking lot.

In P2: Four accessible stalls are available in P2 short term. In long term accessible stalls are available on levels 3 to 6, close to the west elevator.

View Parking


Regular washrooms are located beside large, private accessible washrooms with lower dispensers, grab bars and space to move around the room. These washrooms are available to adults requiring assistance as well as parents travelling with small children. Dedicated stalls are equipped with an emergency help button. 

Quiet Space

Read a book, meditate, do some yoga or just find a moment of peace before you get on the plane in YYC's Quiet Space near Gate A24, equipped with cozy loungers and seating, as well as courtesy yoga equipment to stretch and relax before your journey.


Accessible seating is available throughout the terminal. 


Dedicated accessible lanes for individuals with special needs along with special inspection processes are available at each checkpoint. Individuals travelling with a service dog and a companion are permitted to exit the secure area to use the pet relief areas, and return using an expedited queue. Furthermore, visual fire alarms are located throughout the terminal to indicate emergency situations. 


We use bright and contrasting colours with large fonts both in English and French to assist in navigation throughout the airport.


YYC offers accessibility services from departures drop-off zones to check-in for departing guests or from the InfoCentre to vehicle pick-up for departing guests. Airlines offer accessibility services from check-in to gate and gate to baggage carousel.

YYC LINK passenger Shuttle

All vehicles and YYC LINK stations are wheelchair accessible. 

Complaint Resolutions

Any complaint about The Calgary Airport Authority not following these regulations should be submitted to:

Accessibility Complaint Resolution Process 

  1. An accessibility complaint is received by email at or a complaint is transcribed by an employee who answers a call at 403-735-1200.
  2. If the complaint is received by email, an acknowledgement receipt is sent within two business days. At that time, more information may be requested.
  3. Depending on the circumstances:
    • If the complaint is related to The Calgary Airport Authority (the Authority) service and can be easily resolved, the Authority will rectify the situation and inform the complainant as to what action(s) resulted from the complaint.
    • If the complaint is related to an Authority service or airport facility and cannot be easily resolved, the issue will be further explored by the Authority, and measures will be taken to find a solution. Once implemented, the Authority will inform the complainant as to what actions resulted from the complaint.
    • If a complaint pertains to a service provider on airport grounds that does not have a formal complaint response/resolution process through its website, the email will be escalated to the implicated campus partner’s team lead at the Authority. Then:
      • the service provider will respond directly to the complainant and copy the Authority; or
      • the service provider will respond to the Authority, who in turn will inform the complainant.
    • If a complaint pertains to a service on airport grounds that has a formal complaint response/resolution process through its website, the Authority will refer the complainant to that resource. The Authority will also inform the implicated campus partner’s team lead at the Authority of the complaint.