Frequently Asked Questions 


Is YYC accessible?

In short, yes! While we certainly took our time thinking about how we'd move all those airplanes around, we also gave careful attention to every nook and cranny of our space to ensure it was accessible for people of all abilities.

Here's a quick look YYC's accessibility support and options:

The Award-Winning YYC LINK Passenger Shuttle

Getting from one end of any airport to another can be a long enough trek for even the most adventurous traveller. With that in mind, we've created a wheelchair-accessible, electric powered vehicle that allows passengers to quickly and comfortably connect between the International and Domestic terminals (all without having to leave and go back through security, too!). It only takes five minutes to get from Concourse A to Concourse D/E, with four stops along the way. 

White Hat Meet and Assist Program

Calgary's hospitality starts the second you touch down. We're proud to have a team of White Hat Volunteers available to meet travellers and provide a classic Calgary welcome and any assistance they may need. Our volunteers are on hand to help with personalized navigation to reduce the stress and anxiety of air travel and answer any questions you may have. If you'd like to request White Hat Volunteer assistance, you can submit your request here.

Club Car Service

In addition to our YYC LINK Passenger Shuttle, there's a fleet of YYC club cars on both on both the Arrivals and Departures levels (pre-security) on hand to get you from one end of the terminal to the other. Just ask one of our White Hat Volunteers or Ambassadors (you'll recognize their red blazers right away!) and they'll help get you on your way.

Wheelchair/Motorized Wheelchair Service

It's no secret that air travel requires a fair amount of foot travel too. If you need a wheelchair to help you along the way, ask any at our InfoCentres or your airline and they'll track one down right away. 

We strongly recommend you make plans with your airline for wheelchair assistance at least 24 hours before you arrive. They'll help make sure there's a wheelchair ready to get you through security and to your gate.

Moving Sidewalks

Once you're through security in both the Domestic and International terminals, you'll find a bunch of moving sidewalks designed to help you get from A to B, and ultimately your final destination, just that little bit quicker. 

Cell Phone Lot

Is there an easy way for me to pick someone up without needing to pay or get out of my car?

You bet there is. YYC has a unique "Cell Phone Lot" to make airport pick-ups quick and free. While you admittedly will miss that special moment when the person you're picking up first walks out of that arrivals door, you will get a bit of extra time to play Candy Crush - so we'd say it balances out. 

The Details: 

  • The Cell Phone Lot is located on the right-hand side as you drive into the airport on Airport Drive. Check out the map here.
  • Once you find the lot, park and wait to be notified when the person you're picking up has arrived. 
  • Once your guest has arrived, meet them outside on the Arrivals Level only at one of the designated Cell Phone Pick Up Zones:
    • Zone 1: Between Doors 1 and 2
    • Zone 2: Between Doors 5 and 6
    • Zone 3: Between Doors 9 and 11
    • Zone 4: Between Doors 14 and 15
    • Zone 5: Between Doors 16 and 17


Is YYC kid-friendly?

Of course it is! Whether you're travelling with the little ones or bringing them to pick up a loved one, YYC isn't just child and infant friendly, we'd go so far as to say it's fun.

What's a YYC Fun Zone?

Our space features exciting play areas for your kids both pre- and post-security. The Fun Zones are covered with a custom carpet-covered foam floor and feature soft-sculpted foam play structures specially designed to encourage interactive play and exploration.

Pre-Security Locations

  • Domestic Terminal, Arrivals Level by Door 3
    • Suitable for children three to five years of age.
    • Includes climbing area and children's movie area.
  • Domestic Terminal, Departures Level by Door 1
    • Suitable for children five to 12 years of age.
    • Includes climbing area.
  • International Terminal, Arrivals Area by Door 16
    • Suitable for children three to five years of age. 

Post-Security Locations

  • International Terminal, International Departures Hall, near Gate D72
    • Suitable for children three to five years of age.
    • Includes climbing area.
    • Aviation themed
  • International Terminal, International Departures Hall, near Gate D80
    • Suitable for children five to 12 years of age.
    • Calgary Stampede themed.
  • International Terminal, U.S. Departures Hall, near Gate E82
    • Suitable for children three to five years of age.
    • Aviation themed.
  • International Terminal, U.S. Departures Hall, near Gates E70 to E75
    • Suitable for children three to five years of age.
    • Alberta wildlife themed.

*Please note: Play areas are unsupervised and parents must watch their children at all times. 

What advice, support and facilities do you have for travelling with an infant?

Travelling with an infant isn't always the easiest, but we've done our best to help ensure your trip is as easy, enjoyable and successful as possible.

Domestic Terminal Nursing Rooms (includes a chair and changing table)


  • Arrivals Level - across from baggage Carousel 9
  • Arrivals Level - behind Jugo Juice
  • Departures Level - adjacent to Travelex


  • Concourse A - near Starbucks
  • Concourse A - across from Chili's Texas Grill
  • Concourse C

International Terminal

  • Family rooms with changing tables next to each restroom.


Currency Exchange

What are YYC's options for currency exchange?

Having a bit of cash in the currency of wherever you're headed isn't a bad idea - at YYC you can make it happen. YYC has several currency exchange kiosks and ATMs within the terminal:

Travelex Currency Exchange

  • International Arrivals, pre-security. Open 4 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily. 
  • International Departures, post-security. Open 4 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily.
  • U.S. Departures, post-security. Open 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily.


  • Bank of Montreal
  • Royal Bank
  • TD
  • CIBC


What options do you have for dining at YYC?

Whether you're grabbing a bite before your flight, snacking while you wait or sitting down to catch up with whoever just touched down, there are a variety of options open around the clock.

Visit this page for the full suite of offerings. 


Are there hotels nearby?

Not only are there several hotels located within a five to ten minute drive, there are two in-terminal hotels to make things easy as can be: The Delta Calgary Airport Hotel and the Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel.

Hours of Operation

What are YYC's hours of operation?

This one's easy: we never close. That's right, we're open 24/7, 365.


How can I enjoy my layover at YYC?

Layovers can be a great opportunity to grab a bite, explore a new space or even kick back and take a nap.

YYC has several options to help you enjoy a stress-free layover:

Refresh yourself at one of YYC's lounges

  • Take a power nap in a sleeping pod
  • Have a hot shower
  • Enjoy unlimited food and beverage

Check in to a hotel

  • YYC has two in-terminal hotels to make your layover easier and more comfortable than ever: the Marriott In-Terminal Hotel and the Delta Airport Hotel.

Refresh your body and mind

  • Read a book, meditate, do some yoga or just find a moment of peace before you get on the plane in YYC's Quiet Space near Gate A24, equipped with cozy loungers and seating, as well as courtesy yoga equipment to stretch and relax before your journey.

Grab a bite or go shopping

  • Whether you're taking advantage of the most Canadian thing ever (24 hour Tim Hortons, obviously) or looking for the perfect souvenir gift, YYC's eating and shopping options are open around the clock. For a full list of locations and hours, click here


Liquids, Gels and Aerosols

What liquids, gels and aerosols can I carry on?

Put simply, all your liquids, gels and aerosols must be in 100ml or smaller bottles, and all in a clear plastic sealed bag. But we recommend referring to the Canadian Air Transport Security Agency (CATSA) website for more information.

Lost and Found

Can you help me find something I lost at the airport?

We'll do our best! Lost personal items that we find may end up at our Lost and Found at the end of each day. While we cross our fingers for you, the following info may help:

  • The Lost and Found is located at the InfoCentre on the Arrivals Level near Door 7.
  • The phone number to contact Lost and Found is 403 735 1234 and is open 6 a.m. to midnight daily.
  • Email: infocentre@yyc.com
  • Items are kept no longer than 30 days, at which point they will be donated to charity.
  • Please bring ID and passcodes for electronics.

Lost or Delayed Baggage

My baggage was lost or delayed. What should I do?

If your baggage was lost or delayed, the first thing you'll want to do is contact your airline directly - they'll be able to help you. Here's where to find them and how to call them:

  • Air Canada Baggage Centre
    • Located on the Arrivals Level begind baggage Carousel 9, near Door 9.
    • Or call 1 888 689 2247 for help locating your checked bags.
  • WestJet Baggage Centre
    • Located on the Arrivals Level behind Carousel 1 and 2, near Door 1


Where should I park when I come to YYC?

We've got a large variety of parking options that suit just about every need and budget. Scroll down for helpful links and an overview of YYC's parking options.

Parking Links and Resources

YYC Parking Options Overview

Economy Lot

  • Best value for 24 hours or more
  • $14.95 per day
  • Short walking distance to main terminal
  • Outdoor parking

P1 Short Term - Domestic

  • Best value for under one-hour stay at YYC
  • Easy access to pick up and drop off domestic passengers
  • Located across from the Domestic Terminal
  • Ground-level parking
  • First 30 minutes is $3.75, followed by $4.75 for the next 30 minutes and $8.49 every 30 minutes thereafter to a daily maximum rate of $54.95
  • Covered parking

P2 Short Term - International

  • Best value for under one hour stay at YYC
  • Easy access to pick up and drop off international passengers
  • Located across from International Terminal
  • Ground level parking
  • First 30 minutes is $3.75, followed by $4.75 for the next 30 minutes and $8.49 every 30 minutes thereafter to a daily maximum rate of $54.95
  • Covered parking

P1 Long Term - Domestic

  • Best value for over one hour stay at YYC
  • Located across from Domestic Terminal
  • $10 per hour or $27.95 per day or $119.95 per week
  • Levels 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of parkade
  • Covered parking

P2 Long Term - International

  • Best value for over one hour stay at YYC
  • Located across from International Terminal
  • $10 per hour or $27.95 per day or $119.95 per week
  • Levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of parkade
  • Covered parking


  • Accommodates most overheight/size vehicles
  • Outdoor lot adjacent to Parkade 1
  • $27.95 per day or $119.95 per week apply

Accessible Parking

  • P1 Short Term: Several accessible stalls are available in short term parking.
  • P1 Long Term: Accessible stalls are available on levels 2 and 4. They are located adjacent to the north and south elevators. 
  • P2 Short Term: Several accessible stalls are available.
  • P2 Long Term: Accessible stalls are available on levels 3 to 6, close to the west elevator. 
  • Accessible stalls are also available in the Overheight parking lot.


Can I bring my pet to YYC?

Only if we can pet it! All jokes aside, YYC accommodates all travellers, companions and visitors - even the four-legged, furry kind.

Information and resources about travelling with animals:

  • If you're picking up your pet or travelling with them, make sure you contact your airline for their policies and procedures to make sure your companion gets to its destination safely.
  • Check our our Animal Policy here.
  • View definitions of approved animals here.

YYC Pet Amenities

  • YYC Calgary International Airport is one of the first airports in Canada to have an in-terminal pet relief area. Pet Relief Areas are located:
    • Pre-security just outside Door 1, Door 9 and Door 17 on the Arrivals Level.
    • Post-security in the Domestic Terminal (accessible from International and Transborder terminals)
  • In-terminal pet-friendly patio at Vin Room in Concourse E. It even services a complimentary three-course menu for your pupper!

Rental Cars

What are my rental car options at YYC?

YYC has a variety of rental car options that suit just about every preference and budget. We don't necessarily recommend a convertible in the middle of winter, but that's another topic altogether.

Rental Companies

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Dollar Car Rental
  • Thrift Car Rental
  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • National
  • Alamo
  • Discount
  • Routes Car Rental
  • Driving Force
  • Nu Car Rentals
  • Udrive Care Rentals 
  • Economy Rent A Car

Rental Details and Tips

  • On-site airport car rentals can be accessed directly across the road from exits of doors 5 or 6 on the Departures Level in the Domestic Terminal Building. 
  • Use the courtesy shuttle outside Door 6 (at Pillar 22) on the Departures Level in the Domestic Terminal to get to the car rentals that are just a few minutes away.
  • Remember to make your arrangements for pick-up by contacting your rental car company in advance.

Smoking and Vaping

Can I smoke or vape at YYC?

Yes, but only in a few outdoor areas: outside the terminals in designated areas it Doors 1, 7 and 17 on both Arrivals and Departures levels. While recreational cannabis is strictly prohibited, medical marijuana can be smoked at all designated smoking areas - as long as you have both current ID and the appropriate medical documentation on hand.

More information about cannabis rules and regulations can be found here.

Transportation Options

What are my transportation options to get to and from the airport?

There are numerous options to get you to and from the airport that match every budget and travel style - and if you ask nicely, they just might do their best safety demonstration impression! Read below for an overview of your options or click here to go to the Ground Transportation page for more information.

Environment and Budget-Friendly Options

Ride in Comfort

Mobility Assistance and Accessible Transportation

  • Access Calgary
  • More taxi operators at YYC offer accessible vehicles upon request and accept the Access Calgary Extra Card

White Hat Volunteers

What's up with all these helpful people in white hats?

They're YYC's signature, White Hat Volunteers that are dedicated to bringing Calgary's warm western hospitality to life for every visitor. Since 1991, the volunteers have greeted travellers from around the world, and to this day they strive to offer a range of complimentary services and helpful tips to make your trip easier and make you smile.


Is there free Wi-Fi at YYC?

Are cat videos the best? The answer to both is a resounding yes! YYC offers free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal. Simply select the "YYC-Free-Wifi" network to get online.