About The Calgary Airport Authority

The Calgary Airport Authority (the Authority) is a not-for-profit, non-share capital corporation, incorporated under the Province of Alberta's Regional Airports Authorities Act (Alberta). Since 1992, we have been responsible for the operation, management and development of YYC Calgary International Airport (YYC) and, since 1997, Springbank Airport (YBW), under a long-term lease from the Government of Canada.

The Authority is governed by a community-based Board of Directors and led by a skilled Executive Team, dedicated to the long-term success of the Authority and the airports we manage and operate.

In 2017, teams across the organization worked with the Executive and Board to develop a new five-year strategic business plan. This plan will guide the future development and operation of the airport and puts forward a vision that is focused on putting the customer at the forefront of everything we do. Similar to a vision statement, the North Star serves as our compass and guiding principle. It captures the shift in our priority from being a transportation infrastructure organization to being a hospitality-focused organization.

Vision (aka North Star)

Our North Star will help guide all of our decision making, and clearly articulates our desire to deliver excellent customer service while serving as ambassadors for our region: 

We create effortless and memorable experiences that reflect our region and Calgary's legendary hospitality. 


Our mandate is defined by the governing legislation of the Regional Airports Authorities Act of Alberta. Our mandate defines who we are and describes why we exist. We will:

  • Manage and operate the airports for which we are responsible in a safe, secure and efficient manner
  • Advance economic and community development by means that include promoting and encouraging improved airline and transportation service and an expanded aviation industry

For the general benefit of the public in our region.

Our Strategic Planks and Focus Areas

In order to deliver on our ambitious North Star, we need to set strategic objectives that support our vision for the future.

We have identified five key strategic planks that we will focus on in order to be successful and so that we can deliver on our promise to provide elevated experiences to our guests.

1. Develop Our People

  • Cultivate employee engagement and culture
  • Foster a learning organization with the right skills and capabilities
  • Develop the future of work tailored for YYC

2. Deliver a Remarkable Guest Experience

  • Put the customer at the heart of every decision
  • Create an efficient, contactless guest experience
  • Tell stories that promote our region's beauty, opportunity and history 

3. Drive Value to Airline Partners

  • Develop a predictable, efficient airport environment in which to operate
  • Strive to be the lowest cost airport in Canada 

4. Diversify and Grow Our Revenue Streams

  • Maximize connecting passenger opportunities 
  • Maximize existing revenue streams
  • Seek new revenue opportunities 

5. Build on a Strong Foundation 

  • Prioritize safety, security and environment 
  • Maintain meaningful relationships with key government agencies 
  • Prioritize technology and evolve data and analytics capability to drive efficiency 


Our Values

At YYC, we are accountable, taking ownership for our actions; we are committed to a customer-focused environment, aiming to create a positive experience for our guests and partners; we are creative, ensuring that our approach is proactive and innovative; collaborative, welcoming all ideas at the table; and resilient, able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Our Enablers

We have four key enablers at YYC, which are our foundational operating principles. These foundational elements are a priority for any major airport, and must be done well before branching out into additional strategies.

Safety – Working with our airline partners, agencies and emergency responders, the safety of our guests and employees is a top priority.

Security – Ensuring the security of everyone who interacts with YYC is of the utmost importance.

Enterprise Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Establishing measurement within our organization is a critical enabler of successful operations. At YYC, we have a robust set of enterprise-wide KPIs to measure our performance.

Environment – Taking a responsible approach to the environment is paramount.