Tenant Development Services


Tenant Development Services is responsible for overseeing all tenant development activity that occurs at both YYC Calgary International Airport and Springbank Airport (YBW). All tenant construction projects require a Calgary Airport Authority-issued Construction and Installation Permit (CIP) prior to the start of any construction work. In addition to a CIP, tenant projects may require additional approvals from other agencies, such as NAV Canada, Transport Canada and the City of Calgary. 

We oversee all tenant, agency and partner construction, installation, upgrade, repair, and maintenance projects within the Domestic and International terminals, as well as all land initiatives both at YYC and YBW, including:

  • Construction and Installation Permit (CIP) process and application
  • Tenant project management
  • New construction (terminal, land, Springbank)
  • Tenant maintenance, upgrade, repair and installation projects
  • City and country development referrals review
  • Tenant terminal guidelines and standards
  • Permit requirement
  • Stakeholder engagement 


General development inquiries and CIP submissions can also be directed to: cip@yyc.com

Concerning Off-Airport Developments

Development proposals occurring in the vicinity of YYC Calgary International Airport or Springbank Airport are periodically referred to The Calgary Airport Authority by the City of Calgary/Rocky View County for review and comment. These development proposals are reviewed by the Authority for regulatory and legislative compliance and to identify any potential impact to airport and aeronautical operations. The Authority will provide comment on the development proposal back to the municipality, and may recommend that the proposal be forwarded to Transport Canada and/or Nav Canada for additional review and/or approvals/assessments.


Construction Crane Assessments

The use of construction cranes for off-airport projects usually requires assessment by Transport Canada and Nav Canada. It is recommended that both agencies be contacted well in advance of the anticipated date that the crane will be required (both agencies usually require a minimum of 90 days advance notice) to ensure sufficient processing time for the assessment. Once assessments are received from Transport Canada and Nav Canada, either organization may issue instructions to the applicant to contact the Authority (for information on what is required by The Calgary Airport Authority for crane assessments, please see the Crane Assessment Form Instructions.

For any off-airport development project or crane operation, it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact these other agencies directly:

Transport Canada
Aerodrome Safety - Prairie and Northern Region
Toll-free number: 1 888 463 0521
General Enquiries Email: caspnr-sacrpn@tc.gc.ca

Download the Transport Canada Assessment Form in English

Download the Transport Canada Assessment Form in French

Submit Applications Email: caspnr-sacrpn@tc.gc.ca

Toll-free number: 1 800 876 4693
General Enquiries Email: service@navcanada.ca
Land Use Proposals: landuse@navcanada.ca

Download the NAV CANADA Land Use Proposal Submission Form (PDF)

Development Standards & Guidelines Documents

Online CIP Application Form

The Construction & Installation Permit (CIP) application is available as an online data entry and submittal form. Simply click the link below to launch the application, complete the appropriate sections as required and your application will be sent to YYC for processing.  It’s that easy!

Due to a high volume of requests, CIP applications will be placed in a processing queue to be reviewed in order of priority. The Calgary Airport Authority reserves the right to process CIP’s based on priority. Please be advised that a 6 - 8 week timeframe is required for processing CIP applications.

Other Application Forms

Tenant Development FAQs

What type of work requires a Construction & Installation Permit (CIP)?

Typically, any project that involves new construction or modifications/renovations to existing buildings (both exterior and interior), structures or underground services (communications, utilities), surface features and facilities (including fences and gates), landscaping and signage requires a CIP.

Are there any design standards for terminal building tenant projects?

Yes. Tenant Standards and Guidelines manuals have been developed for the DomesticTerminal Building Complex (Domestic Terminal Building, Parking Structure, Airport Corporate Centre) and the International Terminal tenants to use when designing and constructing retail, food and beverage, or office spaces and includes submission requirements, design criteria and other reference materials.

Does The City of Calgary Land Us By-law apply to the construction of a new building on airport land?

No. Airport land development does not fall under The City of Calgary Land Use By-law. Separate development criteria have been established for airport land and are set out in the Agreement on Land Use, Development Guidelines, and Acreage Assessment Levies (the "Land Use Agreement").  One major difference with airport land development is the issuance of a Letter of Authorization for the tenant to apply to the City of Calgary for a Confirmation of Airport Development (similar to obtaining a Development Permit for off-airport projects).

Note: Developers should be aware that for design elements not specifically covered under the Land Use Agreement, the City of Calgary may reference Land Use By-law design criteria when reviewing airport development submissions.

I have a Building Permit for my project. Does that mean I can start construction?

No. While it may be a requirement of a tenant project, a Building Permit does not constitute approval for a CIP application and only forms part of the CIP approval process requirements. A CIP, authorizing the tenant to begin construction, will be issued only when all of the project submission requirements have been met.