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 PublicVueTM is a web-based tool that provides users near-real time and historical flight data.



PublicVueTM was introduced on September of 2016 to the community as an informational tool, designed to increase understanding about aircraft flight operations at YYC Calgary International Airport. This web-based tool provides near-real time flight information (ten minute security delay) and allows community members the option to replay historical flight data and submit community concerns. The system displays data supplied by NAV CANADA and is maintained by Harris, a third-party company.


Quick-Start Guide

To get started using this tool, we have developed a Quick-Start Guide. The document will guide you through the log-in process, the basics of the tool's interface, how to view and replay flight data and how to submit a concern using the system.

Download the PublicVueTM Quick-Start Guide.

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Launch PublicVueTM

You can access PublicVueTM, our flight tracking system, by clicking here.