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Noise matters to us at YYC and we aim to be a good community neighbour. That is why we maintain a Noise Management Program that consists of noise monitoring, community engagement, a noise concern investigation, and regularly published noise and operations reports.

At YYC, we actively review industry-leading practices, as well as recommendations and suggestions from our consultative committees to determine if the implementation of those practices at YYC are feasible. The review process involves both discussions with our airline partners and NAV CANADA, and are primarily focused on aviation safety. In some instances, a trial is proposed to evaluate the practice.

Noise Monitoring Program

YYC actively monitors aircraft noise in the Calgary region using a network of Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs). Currently, there are 16 NMTs located in neighbouring communities that capture both aircraft and community noise data.

Access a map showing the NMT locations

In 2018 we initiated a five-year plan to upgrade our systems with newer technology for better integration. During this process we will also be replacing and relocating some of our permanent NMT network sites to accurately portray the existing noise environment.

Community Engagement

We are committed to staying connected with the communities in and around Calgary to keep the dialogue open about aircraft operations. We regularly attend community-led events to strengthen our communications with surrounding neighbourhoods and provide space for stakeholders to ask questions directly to Authority staff.

The Airport Community Consultative Committee (ACCC) is one of our key community engagement initiatives. For more information about the committee and to access previous meeting presentation and minutes click HERE.

Noise Concern Investigation Program

Investigation and response to concerns often involve verifying information with Air Traffic Controllers and the aircraft operator. If we suspect that any operational restrictions have been infringed, we will contact the airline operator for information. Where it appears that the aircraft operation in question may not comply with aviation regulations, we will refer to Transport Canada, who will then undertake an investigation. 

For any advisories or developments that can potentially affect noise in your community please view our Notices section.


Noise Management Plan

This document identifies key areas to advance YYC's Noise Management Program. We are currently reviewing our plan to make sure focus areas are still relevant and community concerns are addressed. The plan will be shared here once it is finalized.